Q1 Prof. Dr. Boor/Prof. Dr. Longerich/ Dr. Franklin
Histopathological analysis and quantification of hepatic and renal fibrosis

The Q1 Platform functions as a central technical platform providing professional, high-quality, standardized histopathological assessment of both hepatic and renal damage and fibrosis.

The core unit Q1 provides researchers of SFB/TRR 57 with highly professional, standardized and reproducible analyses of liver and kidney injury and fibrosis. We perform histological injury scoring using reproducible systems, in part established for human pathology, adapted specifically for each of the wide variety of animal models of liver and kidney (or combined) injury used by the researchers within the consortium. We support and generate hypothesis based on specific histopathological (injury) findings. Another core function of Q1 is the establishment and optimization of immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence protocols for a large variety of markers, adjusted for the needs of the researchers within the consortium. Q1 uses digital pathology to facilitate computer-based morphometric quantification and analyses of tissue injury and fibrosis and communication between distant partners. We also provide ultrastructural analyses using electron microscopy. We support the groups in preparing representative, relevant and high quality histopathological pictures for publication purposes.