P07 PD Dr. Berres/Prof. Dr. Bernhagen
Targeting MIF family proteins in liver fibrosis: Mechanisms and translational approaches

MIF is a chemokine-like inflammatory cytokine interacting with CD74/Ii and the chemokine receptors CXCR2/4. In the previous funding periods, we surprisingly unravelled a mechanistically multi-layered, context-dependent role of MIF in liver injury, encompassing CD74/AMPK-dependent hepatoprotection in toxin-triggered fibrogenesis and fatty liver disease, whereas fibrosis was reduced upon Mif deletion in a NASH model. Here, we study the emerging networks and novel molecular players in the MIF protein/receptor family (MIF-2, CXCR7, TIMP-1) and characterize their role in liver fibrogenesis of different aetiologies in experimental settings and translational approaches.