P32 Dr. Abdullah
Impact of chronic IFN-I signalling in liver fibrosis on anti-viral immunity

The underlying cellular and molecular factors for the enhanced susceptibility of patients with liver fibrosis to viral and bacterial infections are unclear. Recently, we found that translocation of gut microbiota induces chronic IFN-I expression, which hampers viral clearance in a preliminary experiments. In this project, we aim to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which IFN-I might affect the function of key players of anti-viral immunity i.e. antigen presenting cells, CD4 T and CD8 T cells in liver fibrosis and how this may perpetuate and accelerate the fibrogenic process. The results of this project will enhance our understanding of impaired cellular immunity in patients with liver fibrosis, aggravation of liver fibrosis by persistent infection and potentially open new venues for therapeutic and vaccination approaches.